Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life in our new town ..

We're in Richmond, Virginia now. We made the big move in Early September of last year. We have been blessed beyond imagine here in our new town but of course sure do miss our dear friends back in Charlotte. Chandler has adjusted so well to all the change from new schools to new homes and the like. She just goes with the flow and each day I continue to be in complete awe of her.

Thanks again for following along on our journey and I promise not to make it so long between posts next time. :)

Chan and Mommy hugs

Chandler and John at Sunday Brunch

Sharing a show with Chandler's bff on a visit back to SC

Deb and Kristen stopped by while we were in SC. We sure do love and miss them

We made a winter trip to the Outerbanks after Christmas. Here's Chandler in front of Nagshead Lighthouse.

Chandler flying a kite with her new friend Quinn

Chandler and her pal Quinn making a sand castle (a frozen one!)

YAY! The Price Family came to see us in Richmond. Here's Chan with "her guys" as she calls them.

Chandler lovin' her Unble Bob

We spent the afternoon with the Price's at Maymont Park. We can't wait for them to come back soon. They're the best!

It's Christmas! Say cheese! We had a great time in Raleigh at Von andChris's house for Christmas Day Part I.

The coolest kids... my niece and nephew with Chan on Christmas morning.

Natalie showing Chandler and Ethan her new froggies

More presents for Chandler at Christmas Day Part II in New Kent, VA at John's family's home.

Chandler snuggling with Miss Mary on Christmas Night

Chandler's first REAL snow storm! Unfortunately, this was an unusal winter in the south. We had THREE big snow storms of nearly a foot each time. Chandler's favorite part was eating the snow. She says its ice cream!

My little snow bunny!

Grampie comes to visit us in Richmond

Lovin' on Nana!

Chandler was counting down the days for Christmas this year. She loved helping to wrap gifts and make decorations. She's quite the helper.

Chandler sizing up the Snow Queen just before seeing Santa.

Obviously, Santa was a little over-rated this year. Better luck next year. :)

Another gorgeous December Day at Maymont

We spent Thanksgiving in Raleigh at Von and Chris's. So much fun!

Grampie and the girls.


Grampie with his kiddos!

Natalie and Chan chasing each other

BFF's our first visit back to Charlotte after the move. Riley and Chan have fun "catching up".

Chandler loved dressing up like Zoey for Halloween.

Chandler hanging near the band at our first Oyster Roast experience!

Chandler doing what she loves best.... jumping! Here she is at her school's Fall Harvest Festival.

At the river...

Chandler's first trip to the nail salon with Mommy. Thank goodness we had the dvd player. She was a perfect angel.

Just cute!

Aunt Yvonne, Natalie and Chandler in Charlotte after Chandler's 2nd Birthday Party

Aunt Yvonne, Natalie and Chan playing with new birthday toys.

My little fashion plate

YAY! Nana flew in for Chan's 2nd birthday party. We were so happy she could be there to celebrate Chan's special day.

Chandler with friends Riley and Kyle at her party. Now this was fun!

Chandler with Friend Kevin discussing their plan to win this game.

Nana and her girls. xoxo!

Weeeeeeeee! Chan's party was at a cool jumping place and as you can see, she loved every minute!

Good friends are the best! Riley, Hayden and Chan plus a little sugar to boot!

Our new sitter/teacher friend, Miss Lindsay. Chandler just adores her.

Nana and Chandler always have waaaaayyyy too much fun together!

Opening more presents at Chan's party. Kai-Lan games are cool.

Hanging with Riley and getting ready for the big move.

Jeanne and Riley were so wonderful to help us with our move. We sure do miss them big.

Chan's first day at her new school. Homework, already?


Dogwood said...

Hello Nicole! I am a mother to a 3 yr.old girl, Alexa who my husband, Brian and I adopted at the end of October 2008, about two months after you. Alexa is from Yulin SWI, and she was in a foster home for over a year. She was 21 months when we adopted her. We posted two albums on the yahoo Yulin group site, one "White Family" album and the other "Lin, Su Qiao" album. Our daughter was born on Jan. 15, 2007 and is about 8 months older than your daughter. Not sure if you would have the same group foster parent photos as us or not, but we did post two group photos in our albums, in hopes that people will recognize their children in one or both of them. I keep in touch with a family from California whose daughter is in one of the photos. We also posted photos of our daughter with other unknown children in the orphanage playgroups in the albums. Would love to be in touch especially with others who adopted their children in 2008 from Yulin. It was such an incredible experience wasn't it?! If you are interested in seeing more recent photos of Alexa, we could certainly email some to you. Just email me at By the way, we live in a community called Richmond as well, but in Richmond, BC Canada! Life is looking very happy for Chandler and you and your family! Zoe-Ann, Brian, and Alexa.

Tom and Gina said...

Hi Nichole, John & Chandler. It was great seeing your update with all the pictures. She is absolutely adorable...we miss her so much! Nicole your such a great mom, keep up the good work. (and you too John lol) Looking forward to future updates of our sweet little angel. Please let us know the next time your in the Carolinas because we need our Chandler fix. Please give her a big hug & kiss from the Powells. Hope you all have a Good Easter.

Dogwood said...

Hello again! Guess you must be quite busy with other things in life and thought I would post another comment again. Zoe (Dogwood) here. Was looking at your daughter's early referral pictures and was wondering if she is in any of our DD's children group photos that we posted on the Yulin SWI yahoo group albums. We have our daughter with a number of children in what appears to be a playgroup at the orphanage, and we were wondering if one of the children may be yours? We posted pictures in the "White family" album and also under the name of Lin, Su Qiao. Would love to hear how you are doing with your daughter! When you have a moment: Thanks Nicole! Zoe